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  In 1969 Lucio Jimenez made his dream a reality, and opened up Jimenez Bakery with $70 to his name. With the help and blessing of Charlie Scarborough, owner of Mrs. Camp's Bakery, he was able to bring his family of 10 to the United States to obtain residency. He was certain with the help and support of his family the bakery would be a success. During the early days there were financial struggles; however, thanks to the help from Mr. Scarborough and Mr. Leftwitch, who allowed him 15 days rent free, they endured. He added pastries a little at a time adjusting to the demands of the public. In 1977 Lucio Jimenez passed away. In the brief time before his passing, Lucio made it clear to his family that he wished for them to continue his legacy.

  In 1979 Leftwitch food Market owner, Mr. Martin, sold the Jimenez family the downtown building, where Jimenez Bakery and Restaurant stands today. Juan Jimenez redesigned the building and by 1980 the new Bakery, with the addition of the restaurant, was open for service. Today the Bakery and Restaurant serve 6 days a week mon.-sat.

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